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Angelic Essences™ Newsletter:

Angelic Essences™ Courses in Japan, October 2013
Ruth Joy will be visiting Japan in October to offer courses in Angelic Essences™.

During her visit she will be certifying a new class of Angelic Essence™ Practitioners. She is also happy to announce the graduation of the first group of Certified Angelic Essence™ Teachers!Congratulations to all of our wonderful students!

Please join her at the following public events:
Angelic Essences™ Introductory Seminar
Oct 5 (Sat) 10:00 am - 5:30 pm 
-Learn how Angelic Essences™ came to be. 
-How they differ from other kinds of essences. 
-How to use them, store them, create blends, choose them for others.
-Learn how the Divine works with and through the essences. 
-How to connect with your own Divine, Angels, Spirit Guides.
-How to use them to heal and transform your emotions/mind/body/spirit; to free yourself from suffering. 
-Bring your questions to be answered by Ruth.

Angelic Essences™ Practical Seminar 
This seminar is for those who engage in healing such as healthcare and mental care, and for those who aim physical, mental and spiritual growth.
Oct 6 (Sun) 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
-Find out how Angelic Essences™ support therapists and light workers.
-Find out how to use Angelic Essences™ with your family, friends, clients, pets, etc.
-Bring your questions to be answered by Ruth.
-The new Angelic Essences™ product line will be introduced at this workshop. 

It is recommended that this course is taken after the Introductory Seminar.

For more information about the events listed above and to register please go to: