Below are links to groups or people whose work is in alignment with Angelic Essences™ vision and purpose. 


Natureworld Corp.: Japan's distributor of Angelic Essences​  Email: 

                                        Tel: 03-5214-4881  Fax: 03-5214-4882 Practical pathways for living in the fullness and flow of life as a daily spiritual practice; Living Compassion. Oneness University was created to manifest the vision of Awakening and the Flowering of the Heart of All beings; creating Peace and Harmony within each person and in the world. Masaru Emoto's Website. Breathe for Peace is a multidimensional international peace project inspired by the realization that there is no other.
Through the sound of people actively breathing together we experience all human beings are more than connected - we are one being."A Heartfelt Path of spirituality and sustainability with Kutira and Raphael. Jewels creates empowering, healing, unique designer jewelry to enhance your life and well-being.