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It is with an open heart and much gratitude that I write to you. 

It has been an amazing year. One that took me from the depths of raw vulnerability to fullness of heart and deep peace. I hope your journey this year has been fulfilling and met your hearts desire. 

As we approach Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season, the realization that this year will be passing soon is in my awareness. There have been gifts that have come this year that I have yet to share and wish to take the time to do so now. 

New Essences: 
In the Heart of this year, in the Heart of our planet, in the Heart of an island, in the Heart of the Ocean, I was directed to go and make essences. As often is the case I was shown a vision of where this was to take place. A shaft of light directed me to this particular location. There was an image of a road to turn down (a road with tall grass on each side- hardly a unique marker) and I was to find this. 
Fortunately my inner directional system was working pretty well with this task and I was able to find the location. 
Once there, I understood the meaning and importance of this place. It truly carried the energy of the Heart, the Heart of the Earth, the Heart of All. Here were made the four essences that make up the kit 'The Heart of All', also known as 'Loving Beyond Measure'. I am so happy to present these to you now as it is through Love and our Hearts that lasting change, deep healing, and peace occurs. This is what I wish for each person, for our planet and all who dwell on her. 
Of course these essences bring much more than my words can describe. I will do my best to share within the limited capacity of my filters and language. Please let your heart and inner knowing guide you in connecting with their more full description. 

The Heart of All - Loving Beyond Measure
This essence series is to open and heal the heart. 
As our hearts open peace, joy, connection and appreciation of all of life is increased. 
1. The Heart of Hearts - For connecting to the Universal Heart; the Heart within the Source of ALL. 
2. The Heart of Wholeness - The Heart that is whole, complete, healed. The Heart that has been wounded becomes whole.
3. The Heart of Transcendence - The Heart transcends personal relationship love, expanding to deep, Universal Love. 
4. Heart Light - The Heart is expanding, filling with light. "A Light Heart", which is open, full, complete, joyous. 

I hope that if you feel drawn to these essences that you gift yourself and others with their loving and healing energies.
It is my desire that they serve you as they have me and others who have used them.

Pendants: Since the introduction of our pendants earlier this year, we have continued to hear wonderful stories and expressions of gratitude for the experiences people have had in wearing their custom essences in these beautiful vessels. 
These continue to sell very well and we are getting more and more orders for these as gifts. It is a reminder for me that these pendants are not only beautiful as gifts, but supports those we love energetically on all levels of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. 
With the holiday season approaching this may be a very special, personal, supportive and healing gift for someone you love - including yourself!

Sprays: The introduction this year of a 2 oz. spray bottle has been met with appreciation and enthusiasm. The smaller size makes them easy to travel with. I use mine to clear the energy in hotel rooms and to spray around myself if I have been out in crowds. 
It always feels wonderful. 
They also make wonderful gifts. When I travel I enjoy bringing gifts and find the sprays are particularly nice because people do not have to know about or understand essences in order to experience and enjoy the benefits of them. Each time I see someone use one of our sprays, their energy brightens and the joy that fills their face touches my heart. It brings me such gratitude to be able to offer this experience to others. 

Speaking of gifts, we have assortment of Angelic Essences, including Custom Essences, books, water bottles, dvds, and more that make wonderful gifts for others and yourself. Please check out our web site at and explore.
We will be available to answer questions and to support you in your choices.

On a more personal note, this year has brought more fully to my attention the importance of caring for myself. My tendency, as is the tendency of many others, is to care for others first. Caring for others brings me joy, so this is not a hardship, it is just that I have not always put myself in the equation. During my time in Bali, I was able to experience being nurtured physically and attending to my physical needs in ways I have not before. It showed me what I have been missing and the importance in considering myself in my daily choices. Though I have known this intellectually, this visceral experience brought me a deeper knowing. What I find too is that those that love me celebrate when I care for myself and that I am not taking anything from anyone in doing so. What I am finding is that when I care for myself I have more to give and can be present more fully to life. This is my ongoing learning edge. I share this as maybe it will resonate with some of you. I invite you too to care more fully for yourself especially this holiday season and coming year. You are valued and valuable. Please care for yourself as the treasure that you are.

Ruth in the healing waters of the Water Palace in Tirta Gangga, Bali Indonesia.


In Thanks: Our essences continue to be shipped and used around the world. Slowly I am visiting some of the places they have been. I am humbled and grateful for the gracious support of so many towards our contribution in the world and for the awakening awareness to the power and effectiveness of vibrational essences. Each of you contribute to this through your awareness and presence in our lives. Thank you! 

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Holiday Season and a world and heart filled with love, joy, and peace. 

Blessings to you, 


Ruth Joy for Angelic EssencesªLLC 

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Angelic Essences Newsletter-September 2007


May blessings fill your life and heart this day. 

It is with great excitement and joy that I announce the offering of Angelic Essences Pendants. Their creation has been a process of love and appreciation. In wanting to create a quality product that serves and is truly a delight to wear I have spent months in trial and research. I can now present to you what I think are some of the most beautiful and effective essence pendants available. 

In this process the requests have been overwhelming for a Custom Essence to be placed in the pendant. Our Custom Essences are one-of-a kind essences created specifically for you by the Angels/Spirit and contain all of the essences and energies that will support you on all levels throughout the next 3 months (sometimes more). To find a more complete description of our Custom Essences see our web site at We are pleased to now offer the Pendants with a Custom Essence inside. No more need to take drops! Once the custom essence feels complete the pendant can be refilled with any Angelic Essenceª indefinitely. 

When I took the sample pendants to Japan, all of the Glass Pendants with Custom Essences sold in the first day! The Wooden Pendants were all sold within the week. 
I was amazed at the response. It was particularly satisfying to hear of people's experiences with their pendants. Each person that spoke to me about their pendant shared experiences that indicated the essences were providing powerful support. Some stories referred to feeling positive changes in emotionally difficult situations with relatives. Someone experienced an improvement with work relationships. People that wore their pendants in the week between my first and last workshops in Japan expressed feelings of peace and openheartedness. There were more stories and I wish I could remember them all to share with you now. I was so pleased to be able to contribute to people's lives and impressed by the ongoing magnificent work of the Angels/Spirit. 

Here is an email I recently received about our pendants:
"After some time, I can say that my pendant calms me and keeps my frayed nervous system from overwhelming. I am working again and am on a steep learning curve, and can generally feel how it keeps me from meltdowns. It has a calming effect. And my angels think it's really cool that I have it!
Love and blessings,"
Dharmatma K, New Mexico

My personal experiences wearing my pendants have been wonderful! (Yes, I had to have more than one as they are so pretty). There is a noticeable difference in how I feel and experience my life. Some of what I have noticed is feeling more happiness, more internal serenity and ease. I feel my day flow with less stress and effort. I experience greater ease in my thoughts and more consistent energy. Sometimes if I have jumped into my day and forgotten to put it on I can feel a difference. Placing it on at these times is like entering a soothing energy field. I feel relief and support. 

A large impetus for exploring the use of Angelic Essencesª in this way was to create more ease in taking essences. Even though I am surrounded by essences a great deal of the time, I found that I often would only take them in spurts. I love that I can wear my essences and experience the benefits. I am hoping that this also meets the needs of many. 

The Glass Pendants we offer are hand made, one-of-a-kind pendants by a glass artist. They are stunningly beautiful by themselves. I regularly get compliments on the pendants I wear. The Wooden Pendants are also very attractive and a less feminine alternative for men and those who love the rich look of wood. The manufacturer of these pendants uses unique Rainforest woods and contributes to the support and restoration of the Rainforest through their business. As with everything we do here, we focus on the energy and integrity of the products we offer. It is a pleasure to use these as vessels for our essences. We feel they are a wonderful compliment to our work. 

You may view them on our web site at We are beginning with a broad selection to meet as many needs and preferences as possible. At some point, to contribute to our ease and efficiency, we may limit the selection and focus on the most popular styles.
Please note that we have all of these listed in stock, though we may only have one of each kind. If you find one you like, I would encourage you to get it as there will be a wait time as we replenish our stock. Because each of the glass pendants are hand-made it can take a couple of weeks for us to get it in. 

It is exciting for me to offer a way for people to experience the benefits of taking essences with greater beauty and ease. It is my wish that they and all Angelic Essencesª contribute to your life and well-being. 

Other news: 
It has been a full summer. This June, on the Summer Solstice, our employees, Hoberly and Chrystal got married. Congratulations! 

My trip to Japan was wonderful in all ways! I was touched and inspired by the many stories people shared with me about their experiences and the effects of Angelic Essencesª. The open-heartedness of the participants and all the people I connected with was most appreciated. It is such a gift for me to be present to the many people that come to my workshops and presentations. I am so grateful for their presence to life and for their desire and willingness to heal, grow, and become more conscious. I am honored to have this time with them. 

Repeatedly I have been asked to write about the experiences I have had. At some point I hope to add a Diary or Log section to our site where I can share more about these and many people I meet. For now I would like to share a few photos from my trip to Japan. 

Here is a photo of some of the participants in my workshop at Lake Hamanako in Hamamatsu, Japan.

During my time there I had the good fortune to visit three of the shops that carry Angelic Essencesª. I hope to visit more of them when I visit again.
Here are pictures of their staff, and our essences in their stores. 

Satoko Itabashi did a wonderful job of organizing my workshops, presentation, private sessions, and more. I am so grateful for all she did and for the spirit and grace she did it with. Here she is (on the right) with my good friend and 'angel', Yasuyuki Nemoto, Secretary General at I.H.M; Dr. Masasru Emoto's company. 

As you can see I had a good time! 

More News: We have some new essences that I will be preparing for sale soon. You will receive notice of these once they are ready. 

By popular request we now offer our sprays in 2 oz. spray bottles as well as the 4 oz. spray bottles. I personally love the new size and have found them much easier to travel with. We offer them at a slightly lower price than the larger spray though our costs are the same for each size. My logical mind thinks it should cost less to make these. Unfortunately it does not. I still recommend them for their ease in handling and carrying. 

NOTE: I will be in Bali September 17-October 16. Our office will be open and orders will continue to be filled.
If you would like a Custom Essence or Custom Essence in a Pendant during this time, please note that these requests will be filled once I return. Thank you! 

Update: I am confident most of you have noticed, there is a lot happening on the planet right now. 
Things are accelerating quite a bit. We are in a completely different place than a year ago. The last few weeks have been particularly intense for many.
For myself, I can feel something is coming and much of what I am attending to now is preparing for this. Because there are many sites and people addressing these events, (and I am conscious about making this letter too long) I do not want to spend a lot of time restating things. My desire for each of us is to listen to our hearts for guidance and direction. Listen to our bodies and give them what they are needing right now - particularly rest. 
And most importantly - please remember that you are deeply loved and beautiful beyond measure! Thank you for being in my life. 

With Love and Blessings to You!

Ruth Joy for Angelic EssencesªLLC


Angelic Essences-May 2007

Dear Ones, May 2007 

It has been awhile since our last newsletter and certainly it has been quite a full time. So much continues on the planet and some days the energy feels as if it is whipping me around.
Fortunately I have been blessed with the gifts of Angelic Essencesª and in the last few months have had experiences that have brought me an increased appreciation and gratitude for them. 

Last year I went through a process that some named as a death; a death of personality, of ego. I reassessed and let go of many beliefs, becoming empty and living moment to moment in the unknown. My main response to a lot of life's questions and events became "I donÕt know". I really did not know as I could not hold on to the old and the new had not been formed. The beginning of this year has held a completion of this process. I feel much more solid in a new way and excited and open to a new way of experiencing life. 

From this place I am happy to expand my teaching schedule as well as what I offer. In the office Hoberly and Chrystal have expanded their roles and are contributing wonderful energy, intention and enthusiasm to the work. I feel blessed to have them take over many of the tasks involved in running the office so I can focus on my ever-expanding role with Angelic Essencesª and the transformation occurring on the planet. 

A message from Hoberly and Chrystal: 

Hello, My name is Hoberly Drake. I recently became a part of the Angelic Essence Team. I am very blessed and excited to share and experience the Wonders of Angelic Essences. I look forward to contributing to blessings that A.E. offers. For myself I am looking to expand and reach new limits while at Angelic Essences. 

Hello and Blessings to everyone!
I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself. My name is Chrystal and I am very delighted to be a new part of Angelic Essences. I want to share with you my wonderful experiences with not only taking the Angelic Essences, also the energy high that I get from being around them as I work. There are days when I too feel out of balance, yet just by sitting near the Angelic Essences while I work, I feel a huge shift in my energy and I also notice my thoughts have shifted to a higher vibration as well. This brings me joy and peace each day that I go to work. Well I hope to share more with you all later, but for now I hope that you enjoy each day of this season! 
Chrsytal Swanson 

In the last few months we have been developing new products and will be offering them for sale in the next few weeks. We now offer a 2 oz version of our popular sprays. These were requested from many as they are much easier to travel with and handle and they do make appreciated gifts. 

We will soon be offering pendants. After much research and testing we have found some that are beautiful and that I think will not only contribute through the wearing of Angelic Essencesª, they will become a valued piece of jewelry. We will be offering two types of pendants. One is a stunning hand made glass pendant and one is made of beautiful woods with a glass vial within. There will be choices of styles and colors available in both types. Each of them will hold the essence or essences of your choice. I am finding from wearing one myself the power and ease in having Angelic Essencesª with me throughout the day. They offer me ease as they are always with me so I do not have to remember to take them. I have felt such support, healing, gentle growth and transformation on many levels from using them. 

I will be taking our stock with me to Japan so we will not be offering them until I return in mid-June. At that time we will place them on our website and send you an email letting you know of their availability. 
Here is one of the testimonies we received from our trial. 

"My essence pendant held EXPANDING POSSIBILITIES-
No sooner had I put the essence around my neck did I have a huge shift in consciousness. I was in a retreat and was having a partner role play my husband whom I am currently separating from. I truly could not understand his way of being. During the role-play not only did I understand him in ways I never had before but I was able to see expanding possibilities that I never thought possible. I am astonished at the expansion that has continued in my life. Everywhere I turn possibilities expand in ways I never dreamed possible. I seem to be able to see the "whole" more clearly not just one perspective".
Michele Lavery
BC Canada

Coming up:
Ruth will be offering the following workshops and classes:
~ The weekend of June 2 and 3, 2007 on 'Healing and Awakening with Angelic Essences' in Tokyo, Japan
~ June 6 and evening on 'Connecting to Angels' in Tokyo Japan
~ The weekend of June 9 and 10, 2007 on 'Angelic Essences and Spiritual Growth', in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Pref., Japan
~ She will be offering private sessions June 5 and 7 in Tokyo, Japan

~ September 27 through Oct. 6, 2007 join Ruth in Bali Indonesia
 for ten days into the heart of beautiful Bali with co-facilitators Kutira and Amarin. This pilgrimage of self-discovery is honoring the body, mind and soul as well as inspiring you to bring grace into your every day life. 

Here is a brief description - Please visit our web site schedule section for more information and how to register: 

Into the Heart of Mystic Bali
Come join us for an unforgettable time in the sacred temples of Bali and stay with us at the Water Palace of Tirtagangga, the royal place of a former king of Bali. 

Journey with a group of powerful people into the Heart of Mystic Bali. A pilgrimage of self-discovery and opening our hearts; filled with ritual, dance, prayer, poetry and song. We will explore a way of being with ourselves rooted in the reality of the spirit of kindness. We will pamper ourselves, travel into our own divine being and celebrate the eternal spiral dance of wisdom. 

Bali is an island where 50 million prayers are offered each day. The veil between heaven and earth is very thin in Bali. With so much mature love, telepathy and openness to guide us, we journey into our own mystic heart. This island is quiet simply spiritual and even shamanic by nature. 

With the land, people and teachers of Bali as our main inspiration, teachers will include: Kutira Decosterd of Embodied Spirituality and Oceanic Tantra, Ruth Joy of Angelic Essencesª, and Amarin van Tigheim Interdisciplinary Yoga instructor. 

Kutira has lead over six groups in beautiful Bali. This year she has invited Ruth Joy and Amarin van Tigheim to join her. All of these women bring an extensive wisdom of body, mind and spirit. 

In previous years this trip has sold out in 2 weeks. We are just now advertising it, so there is room for you. 

For more detailed information, bio's on teacher, registration and price, visit: 
To register please email 
or call Kahua Institute on Maui, Hawaii 808-572-6006. 
Please let them know you we referred you.

For further information on these workshops or to inquire about organizing a future event for Ruth, please contact us at 

Thank you for your presence in this world and for the many ways you contribute through your being.
I feel blessed to walk through life with you. 

With love and gratitude,
Ruth Joy

Angelic EssencesªLLC