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2006 Newsletters

Angelic Essences-December 2006
Hello and Happy Holidays! 

We have recently received some new products to delight and inspire. It is our hope they contribute to your well-being and to those you love. 

We are excited to offer Masaru Emoto's newest books, Water Crystal Healing: Music and Images to Restore Your Wellbeing and his children's book The Secret of Water (We will be donating the proceeds of his children's book to the Emoto project which you can read more about on our web site). 

We are also pleased to offer the popular new works for understanding how we create and how to intentionally manifest in our lives using "The Secret". We have "The Secret" available in DVD, Book and 4 CD Audio book. 
We also have "Down the Rabbit Hole" DVD-filled with more fun and information from the "What the Bleep" creators. 

This Holiday Season we are featuring our newest essences of Oneness. I encourage you to read about them on our web site. They are very special in that they support not only the awareness, but also the experience of Oneness with All. They are truly a gift from the Angels. 

To support you and your loved ones during this time of year we encourage you to read the article on our website, "Create a Joy-filled Holiday Season". We will be offering the essences mentioned in this article at a sale price of $11.11 each through December 31, 2006. Some of our most popular essences are included in this so we encourage you to take a look. 
Also on sale this Holiday Season is Messages from Water Vol. 2 by Masaru Emoto and The Little Book of Bleeps through December 31, 2006. 

By visiting our web site at you will find all of our new and featured products.
The new books and DVDs are under our 'Love and Thanks to Water' category. The article, "Create a Joy-filled Holiday Season" with the sale essences listed in bold is found under the article link on the left column menu. 
We hope you enjoy them and that they bring you many blessings. 

With love and gratitude for your presence in our lives, 

Ruth Joy 
for Angelic EssencesÂȘLLC