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2005 Newsletters

Angelic Essences Spring 2005

It is with much gratitude and joy that we can connect with you again. As usual a great deal is happening on our planet and within each of us. It is a very busy time and one that holds much promise, for it is the work that we are doing now that is laying the foundation for our next few years. We are being given an opportunity to grow quickly. This does not always feel pleasant, as I am sure many of you can attest to. The result is worth each step as we continue to move towards the promise that this time holds. 

There are many of you who are experiencing physical changes, maybe challenges. It is a time for clearing. Clearing not only the issues of the heart and mind, but clearing the cellular memories. It is interesting to see that issues or events that have been healed in the past and no longer in awareness have come forth once again. This time it is to be cleared from the cells. As we have pointed out, the density of trauma within the cells impedes those cells from becoming light. This is the reason we have brought you DNA clearing and other essences to clear the trauma from the cellular memory.

It is also time to clear the mind/body of patterns. These can be patterns of thought or of behavior. What happens is that our patterns become so natural to us, we no longer see them, yet they have control over how our lives unfold. 
It is encouraged now to look at your life and see where patterns exist. We all have them. They by nature become unconscious behaviors that reinforce themselves. We are asking you now to shine the light of your attention on them and choose to make new choices that more fully support you.

Because of the unconscious nature of patterns this is a very important practice to undertake. For it is time to WAKE UP. Do not sleep in unconsciousness any longer. It is often much easier to see things that are outside of ourselves. We can often see others behaviors and patterns easily. Please note that if you can see it in another you are being offered a gift, for it is most likely something that is similar to you. We can only see that which has resonance or similarity to us. Please know that this is not to look upon ourselves critically, but to use this gift of mirroring to support us in making conscious changes in order to create the life we want and person we wish to become.

In the last few months each time Ruth asks us what is happening on the planet, we have shown her an image of the earth. In this image the earth is moving energy from deep within her center out towards the crust, through the crust and through all of those who live upon her surface. We have shown that a similar movement of energy is happening within the human body as well. This energy moves in waves, from the center core outward towards the surface. This has been what is happening. 

It is only within the last few weeks was she able to name the process we have shown. We wish to share it with you now as it may give some understanding to what is happening. She finally understood that this movement of energy that we have been showing is similar to the movement of birth. From the center of the earth comes the contraction, rippling out towards the earth's surface and felt on the surface. This is literally what is happening. The earth is birthing herself. It is also what is happening within each of you. 

As we spoke of earlier, this is a time of releasing. In a sense, maybe symbolic, or for some, quite literally, you are birthing yourselves. This is why it is important to release the old patterns that have kept you stuck on the old tracks of thought and of life. This is why it is important to allow the releasing of trauma and memory in the cells so that as this new energy moves through you (and it does move through everything on the planet), it moves through with greater ease, bringing with it support for your lightening, your healing, your growth. 

We have been advising ways to support yourself through this process. Using the metaphor of birth, remember to BREATHE. Deeply and clearly every day. Use the breath in meditation. Take time daily to focus on your breath. Stop throughout the day to breath in; and then release with your exhale anything extra that you are carrying. You do not have to carry anything extra, allow it to go. 

Using your breath supports the energy to move through, so you do not grip, or tighten up which would cause greater discomfort. This is not the time to hold your breath. Holding the breath is counter to the movement of birth which is about allowing, allowing the natural flow. It is the time to breathe and let the energies move through and carry you (just as if you are having a contraction). Do not resist, flow with it. It will carry you through this. This is the best advice we can offer now. 

Remember, you are at choice and there are not wrong choice or paths. We are all part of the oneness and all choices are part of this. You are loved unconditionally no matter you choose. 

If you do choose to consciously move into a new way of being, to birth a new you, we have some advice. We recommend that you release resistance. Allow the energies to move through you. Do not hang onto them, do not worry about them. You do not even have to interpret them. Just allow them to 
-flow through and be released,
-flow through and be released, 
-flow through and be released.
Feel free to use the tools that you have been given in this lifetime. We have shared with you many tools and Essences is one of them. You have many powerful and beautiful healers on the planet that can support you. It is important to know that just as in the labor of the human form, the human baby, this too will end in the birth of something new and treasured. 

We are with you on this journey and are here for you to call upon. 
We love you. 

With great respect and deep affection we close for now. The Magdalene and the Angelic Essence Team


Spring 2005

As with the birth of Spring, we too are experiencing the birth of many things here. With the desire to contribute to your well being, we have made changes to our web site and have new products to share.

Web site changes:

We have increased the number of options on the left side of our web page to include a printable catalog, newsletters and links.


The Catalog link offers the option of printing out a current text-only version of our catalog. You will note that it has the current date at the top of the page. This lets you know that you have printed out the current catalog as of that day. Since we periodically update our products, you will have a way to keep track of the version of the catalog you have.
This resolves many issues with pre-printed catalogs. You will never have to have an outdated catalog. 
Other options for using this link include copying and pasting this page to any word processing program. This will allow you to change the size of the fonts and spaces in order to fit more information per page and it gives you the flexibility to print only the information you wish.


This link takes you to copies of our current and previous newsletters. These newsletters have information about some of our essences, tips and techniques for healing, and information on earth events. We are glad to have these available as some of this information can be relevant now and in the future.


This link is to connect you with other sites that provide information that could be supportive or valuable to you.
If you have or know of a site that contributes to others well-being, particularly if they use our essences in their work, we would like to hear of them as a possible site to exchange links with.

New Products:

We have recently added new products to our site that support the awareness of the power of our thoughts and feelings. This includes Dr. Emoto's work with Water and the new movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?!". It is our wish that they bring you inspiration and insight. Some of what you will find includes:

*The True Power of Water; Masaru Emoto's latest book
*Posters of Water Crystals
*Water Blessing Labels
*Hidden Messages in Water DVD
*Messages from Water DVD
*The movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" on DVD and VHS

We also have new essences we are excited to share for healing the earth and the waters. They are:

*Clearing of the Waters #1 Natures Call
*Clearing of the Waters #2 Song of Life
*Clearing of the Waters #3 Harmonizing Patterns
*Clearing of the Waters #4 Power of the Deep
Together these form the "Clearing of the Waters Kit".

*Earth Healing #1 The Foundation
*Earth Healing #2 Sea and Stone
*Earth Healing #3 Crust and Crystal
*Earth Healing #4 Power of the Deep
Together these form the "Earth Healing Kit".

Please check out these new products and changes in our web site.

Coming Up:

Ruth will be traveling to India in June and Europe in July. During this time she will be making new essences which we will be delighted to share with you, for new energies will be then be available to create essences that will be very special. 
~ Our offices will be open during this time to continue to serve you. 


Winter 2005 Newsletter


As most of you know, there has been a large earthquake in the Indian Ocean and resulting tsunami in Asia that has resulted in many beings leaving the physical and great upheaval in the region. Even though this event is seemingly many miles away, its effects are touching all our lives. As co-inhabitants on this planet we are all affected by the events on earth. This event as well as the mud slides in California are opening people's hearts and stimulating compassion within. This compassion and heart opening is powerful in its effect. It is through this that positive change occurs.

What has happened is part of a rebalancing of the earth. Just as we have spoken of the shift from our 3rd dimensional physical bodies into our 5th dimensional light bodies that we as humans have the opportunity to take; so moves the earth.

In the last few years many of you may have felt the physical changes and challenges as your body shifted in order to hold more light. For some it manifested as a detox; clearing the physical and emotional bodies of density. It has been very uncomfortable at times and yet the resulting benefits are great. We are going through the steps to become lighter on all levels in order to move into the light.

The earth too is moving into her light body. She has been detoxing and rebalancing as we have, and is physically going through the changes necessary for her movement into her light body. This cannot be stopped nor do I think we would want to stop this if we could see the big picture. We know from our personal processes that we can do things to support the process and create greater ease, or we can resist and create more suffering and possibly lengthen the process. We are at choice how we move through these times and have the opportunity to support the earth's growth and evolution and therefore our own.

As inhabitants of earth, we have an effect on the earth and she on us. Our choices can bring greater ease and support to what is occurring through our own consciousness, our own lives and choices. There was to be another huge earth event by now and due to people's hearts opening, the compassion coming forth, the need for this has lessened. This does not mean there will not be more earth events. There will be. It is that we can have a direct effect on their intensity.


Many people are donating relief funds. Many are sending prayers. The choices we make to be in service and especially the energy behind our choices are important. What many people forget is the powerful effect that our personal lives hold. It is important to address and clear up our own lives and habits in order to assist others, even those on the other side of the world. Our personal habits, choices and consciousness have a huge impact on events that happen globally. Please become aware and make a conscious choice to:

1. Make healthy, life enhancing choices. Making choices that support health, harmony and balance in one's life creates greater connection to one's self and one's source. More energy, joy and connection with oneself are some of the results of this. 
2. Raise your vibration. By raising our vibrations we lift the energy around us. Our experience of life becomes lighter, our consciousness and perspective lifts and we experience increased clarity, love and joy. 
3. Ground yourself. Ground yourself to the core of the earth. This will help you as the earth's crust shifts. It will provide inner stability and support. 
4. Take ownership of your emotions. Our emotions are barameters of our needs and values. If our needs and values are not getting met, our feelings let us know. Identify the needs behind these feelings in order to stimulate self compassion and transform life negating emotions. 
5. Consciously own and shine light onto the shadow self. Embracing un-owned parts of ourselves is important in creating wholeness and health. Finding ways to own wounded parts and less lovable and acceptable aspects of your self is important in returning to wholeness. Personal wholeness supports balance and health for one's self and the planet.
6. Bring more light, love and joy to all of your interactions and to your lives through each breath. By consciously choosing to open our hearts, bring awareness to our breath, and bring light, love and joy to our lives and interactions, we create a life and world filled with greater peace and connection. 
7. Remember: By changing you, you change the world.


We have been told of the earth changes coming for many years. They are now here. Those of you who are sensitive may be physically feeling what is occurring. People describe feelings of nausea, of dizziness, of headaches, extreme tiredness, of feeling like crying, or feeling like jumping out of your skin. The ways we experience what is going on will be unique for each of us. These experiences are a reminder that we are all connected.

There have been times I have felt so sick due to the earth shifts, I have sat with spirit to ask for clarity and advice. They reminded me to take Angelic Essences. Oh yeah. In all that has occurred, I had forgotten the resources before me. As soon as I began taking them, joy filled my heart and I began to feel much lighter and better. I am not even sure if there are any essences in particular I would recommend as I noticed that all of them raise my vibration and this lifts me from the mire of drama and pain. As I reflect on the essences to take next, I am looking at those that will support me during these earth changes and shifts and also those that bring me greater joy and grace. I encourage you to find those that resonate with your experiences and desires. Raising our vibration appears to be key. Staying grounded and letting the energies pass with ease and grace helps. I will keep some of the previous recommendations at the end of this page for you to consider.

It is becoming clear to me that these earth changes will be going on for some time and that I want to find a way to live harmoniously in this process for the long term. I see this as an opportunity for me to keep my heart open and myself grounded and balanced in the midst of discomfort and large scale change. I encourage each of you to find what works for you.


The large scale events lately have focused on water; the tsunami, flooding, large amounts of rain and snowfall. Water is purifying. Carl Jung says water represents our emotions. Things we can ask ourselves: Are there emotions I am not owning? Are there emotions that are calling to be heard and healed?

The U.N. has named the year 2005 as the beginning of the decade of water. We are becoming aware of the power of water, the transforming nature of water, and the need we have for water on all levels. Water is a powerful teacher. It makes up between 70% and 90% of our bodies. It also makes up a large portion of our planet. As Dr. Emoto's work with water crystals shows, water carries consciousness. Our thoughts and words and vibrations have a direct effect on water. We are powerful transformers and can have a huge impact on the water and the earth changes that are occurring.

As creators and co-creators of these times, I would like to share some ideas that I think could help the water situation greatly.

A message from Dr. Emoto:

This is an excerpt from an email I sent to all of you on our mailing list.
"Through the research of the water crystal over the last ten years, I have proven that people's pure energy of consciousness can change the water in areas that people have prayed for, regardless of the distance. Also, the most effective Hado prayer is the feeling of Love and Thanks. Now is the time to send everyone's feeling of Love and Thanks to the earth's water".

The following is from the writings of Raymon Grace, a dowser.

- Raymon Grace

* Be with the water. Decide what the water needs. Then use the following as a guideline for purifying the water.
* Call in the Spirit of Water and ask it to work with you to purify the water. Request help to return the water to its original seed blueprint for water on Planet Earth.
* What is the emotion in the water? What would the water prefer to feel? Transmute the negative emotion into something positive. For example, sadness into joy; anger into love; fear into courage.
* INTENTION: The frequencies of all pollutants in the water will be vibrationally scrambled and disorganized and adjust to the frequency of pure water.
* INTENTION: The frequencies of chlorine and fluoride in the water will be vibrationally scrambled and disorganized and adjust to the frequency of pure water.
* INTENTION: All microorganisms and other parasites that can be harmful to anyone drinking the water are removed.
* INTENTION: All radioactivity are removed.
* INTENTION: This water will energize all water it touches equal to or exceeding that of the original water and that this process will be continued repeatedly until all water has been purified.
* INTENTION: The water will taste delicious.
* INTENTION: All minerals and other natural substances that are harmful for anyone to drink will be vibrationally disorganized and disappear from the water.
* Place a Golden Flower of Life Sphere around the well/glass/aquifer to help restore the seed blueprint for the water.
* Tell the water: Water I Love You. Water I Thank You. Water I Honor You.

You can add the following intentions to water that you personally use for healing yourself or for someone else's healing:
* INTENTION: The water will be set to a ph of 7.0 (perfect ph balance)
* INTENTION: The surface tension of this water will be set to the appropriate 'dyne' value (A centimeter-gram-second unit of force, equal to the force required to impart an acceleration of one centimeter per second per second to a mass of one gram) for the body of (person's name) for rapid and easy assimilation into their physical body.
* INTENTION: The water will heal (person's name) restoring all the waters of their body to perfection according to the divine blueprint for their body.

I believe we each make a difference and can use the tools we know and those mentioned here to create the world we want.

Thank you.

Thank you for your contribution to the planet and to the manifestation of peace within and without. Blessings to you and your loved ones on this journey.
Ruth Joy for Angelic EssencesÂȘ LLC