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Newsletter July 2004

Angelic Essence Newsletter December 2004

I hope this finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy.
As I sit down to write this I feel a strong sense of gratitude and joy at the wonder this life holds. Oh yes, there are those difficult times and yet even they bring me to new wonderous places. 

This last month has been full. I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and fill you in on what has been happening. 

Dr. Emoto, author of Messages from Water and featured in the film, What the Bleep do we Know?!, invited me to Tokyo last month to teach workshops and to participate in the Water for Life Festival held there. 

I taught two workshops and had a day of private session. The response was wonderful. The workshops were originally to be held in the conference room at his office, but because of the number of people who wanted to attend, they workshops had to be moved to a nearby hotel. The participants were open and involved, which brought me great joy and met my needs for connection, feelings of contributing to others well being, and of play! I feel blessed for the presence of each one of them.

Dr. Emoto was a wonderful host. His staff did an incredible job of organizing my workshops. They were warm and welcoming and took such good care of me. I felt cared for and honored. It was such a joy for me to be there. Japan felt more comfortable to me this time than ever before. 

I am so grateful to Dr. Emoto, for the ongoing opportunities to contribute to his vision and share in this work. 

During the Water for Life Festival Dr. Emoto introduced a new non-profit organization he has begun called "Water for Life", which is dedicated to bringing safe drinking water to children around the world. Ultimately the goal is to bring safe drinking water to everyone. 

Next year, 2005, the U.N. has designated the beginning of the "Decade of Water". It will be exciting to see what happens as people are becoming more conscious of water as well as their own personal power.

I had the opportunity to view the premier of the movie "What the Bleep do we Know?!" in Japan. William Arntz, one of the directors spoke about the movie to the press and participants. Next year it will be shown in theatres around Japan. I saw it twice in Japan and have now seen it over 4 times (the first was a partial viewing with Dr. Emoto). It is surprising to me that after seeing it so many times, I still find it enjoyable to watch. If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it.

During my time in Japan I introduced two new essence kits. The Connecting to Angels Kit and the Angelic Freedom Kit. The response has been exciting. I am happy to now be able to offer them here. 
You will find a short description of them at the end of this email. More detailed definitions can be found on our web site 

Essence ideas: People have told me they are buying empty dropper bottles from us. Then they combine our essences to create blends for friends and family as gifts. What a great gift idea and a wonderful way to share the energies of the Angels with those we love. 

While I was in Japan, I shared with people the many ways essences can be used. One woman told me she places them in her humidifier. I think this is a wonderful way to spread the energies of the essences throughout our homes. If you have any unique or preferred ways to use essences, please let us know. I will be sure to add them to future newsletters. Your gift of sharing can make a difference for others.

Each time I travel I meet family and my world and heart feel fuller. Next year I will be traveling and teaching more. Please check our website for updates as the year progresses. 

More news! We are now offering the new book The Little Book of Bleep, which has pictures and quotes from the movie.

Here's the press bleep on it: If you enjoyed the movie and its concepts, then this AMAZING little Full-Color book is for YOU. It's FILLED with so many quotes and Bleepisms from the movie, including Dr. Joe Dispenza on Creating Your Day, quotes from the scientists, great lines from the movie, and more. Plus, it has loads of beautiful color pictures of scenes from the movie, the water crystals, still shots of some of the animation, and more. Price: $14.95
We will have it available within the next few days, in time for Holiday delivery. 

Before I close, I want to thank each one of you for your contribution to the whole. Just by your presence, through your heart and consciousness you make a positive impact. 

It is a magical time.

Throughout each day I am presented with choices of how to feel, what to focus on, how my vibration is. With each thought, belief, action I can either serve my soul by recognizing my responsibility for my experience and choose joy, oneness, and love or I can jump into old patterns that take me to familiar places I don't need to visit anymore. Fortunately I have been exercising new choices for some time and that muscle is getting quite strong, so my life is primarily filled with love, gratitude and fulfillment. Life is the best teacher as the feedback I get is pretty immediate. What a gift it is as I can then shift quickly and create what I want. I feel so blessed.

Thank you again for your presence in my life and the gift of you to the world. 

I look forward to ongoing connections with you and wish you a very happy holiday season and a new year filled with your hearts desire.

With love and gratitude,



Angelic Essences Newsletter Fall 2004

Welcome to our fall newsletter.

1. Report on the Project of Love and Thanks to Water Ceremony in Liechtenstein 
2. What is happening this month? Next? Current energies and trends. 
3. What to do? A perspective and tools for support. 
4. New Essences 
5. Calendar 
6. What's next?

Love and Thanks to Water Ceremony in Liechtenstein

It has been a couple of months since our last newsletter and they sure have been full. My trip to Liechtenstein was wonderful. I had the pleasure and honor to support the water and Dr. Emoto's work. Water had been sent from over 21 countries in over 280 bottles. On the evening of July 25th, after Dr. Emoto's lecture, many gathered for the ceremony of Love and Thanks to Water. We met in a beautiful park in Eschen Liechtenstein, on a hill near a church and within walking distance to the Rhine. On the grass was placed a beautiful basin for the water to be collected in. To the side we placed all of the water samples that had been sent which we numbered and listed. We began by having the people present come up and say into the microphone where their water was from and then add it to the basin. Then we asked those present to take the water samples we had received through the mail and as I read where each had come from a participant poured the water sample into the basin. We continued this until all the water samples had been added. Afterward we made a circle around the basin. Dr. Emoto had asked me to lead a guided meditation and this lead into all of us sending our prayers of love and thanks to the water. We send our prayers as a group in German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, and continued until every language present expressed our love and thanks to the waters. Then participants shared a few songs. Afterwards Dr. Emoto took a container of this water and placed it in the fountain at the park, with the intention that this water bless and heal the waters of this area. Our blessed water was then taken to the Rhine River, who had earlier told Rasmus, director of Dr. Emoto's new office in Europe,, and I that it would gladly accept the waters that we wanted to offer it. The group walked to the Rhine where Dr. Emoto passed the water to Rasmus, who climbed down the bank and poured it into Father Rhine. There was a wonderful energy of shared celebration and songs. The sun had set and in the twilight the moon and stars were radiant. It was good. Thank you to Dr. Emoto, for his vision; Mrs. Emoto, for her support; Yasuyuki Nemoto, head of the project of Love and Thanks to Water and MC for the ceremony; Rasmus, director of the new Liechtenstein office; Aki and Kizu, staff from the Tokyo office; all those present in body and spirit; and of course to the Water, from who we are learning so much. For photos of this event and more information on the project please visit

What is Happening?

Many of you have probably noticed that things have felt pretty hard lately. We are in the midst of some influences that are creating challenges and opportunities. Boy, don't you love how "challenges and opportunities" seem to come together.

A new Gateway has opened that has put us deeper into our "stuff". For a long time many of us have been developing spiritually and now we are reaching back so to speak to bring our bodies along. The gift and opportunity of this time, that we have been told has not been present before on earth, is we can bring our bodies with us into the higher dimensions. Some call this process ascension. This takes some adjusting, for in order to bring our bodies with us we are connecting with and clearing the density that our bodies have been carrying.

Listening to others there seems to be some shared experiences. Though we each will experience and feel things uniquely. Some people will and have had bouts of depression. Some are experiencing more fear and duality. I have personally noticed a revisiting of some old emotional and thought patterns.

Some people have more physical experiences. Many people have shared having feelings of being very tired and needing to sleep more. People have shared with me experiences of headaches; a few people have had toothaches. I personally know 3 people who have had major heart problems come up in the last month. I have two immediate family members who are scheduled for major surgery within the next month.

People's cars are breaking down. People have shared with me stories of their homes flooding. One person had a fire. There are major natural earth challenges with hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, active volcanoes, etc. In short there is quite a bit going on.

What to do?

First, I think it is important to take care of yourself during these changes. Take essences, rest, drink lots of water and get the support you need from friends, families, and professionals. Remember: This too will pass!

I highly recommend the Future Energies Kit (also known as the Lightworkers Support Kit). They have helped many, including myself, immensely. I blend these into a dropper bottle and take them throughout the day. They are amazing in how they adjust to the current energies and support us on multiple levels.

For me it is time to clear. Clear my body and my home. Our homes and cars represent our bodies. If something goes awry in one it is a reflection of the other. This perspective offers great opportunity to resolve things before they make a strong presence in our physical bodies.

I have felt more dense energy when I go out than I have in years. As I was told, since I want to move into oneness, I must embrace it ALL. I am addressing the density that still lies within me and clearing, clearing, clearing. I highly recommend this, though you may find strong pulls to do other things as well.

Looking into what can support this clearing, I have found that Stimulation for removing energy blocks in my body is helpful. I also loveLetting Go, as there is so much to release emotionally, physically and spiritually and this brings greater ease to this process. Crystal Clearbrings clearing on all levels.

Some of the experiences many are having, as we clear our body of density is detoxing. I went through two months of almost immobilizing detox last spring. A customer, who is well versed in our Shamanic/Animal essences, shared with me how certain animal essences are powerful support for detoxing. These are animals that tear down structures or are scavenger eaters. As we move into higher vibrations, we will be clearing the old toxins and dense energies in our bodies and these animals can be of great service. Some that come to mind areMaggot, Termite, Turkey Buzzard, Vulture, Ant, and Hyena. She shared with me the following affirmation to say when taking these essences.

"I easily release what I no longer need."

You can create an affirmation along these lines that resonates for you.

I have been taking Termite essence lately during a detox and it has helped me immensely. Thank you to Evelyn for this information.


Since many are experiencing emotional as well as physical clearing, we have found that the Angelic essences work well to support our releasing old emotional patterns and imprints. Some of these are: Healing the Heart of the Soul, for healing/clearing lifetimes of heart pain. Freedom from Fear, to support us by relieving us from the experience of fear as it comes up (and it seems to be coming up for many now). Of course the essence Emotional Component of the Future Energies was made for this kind of support. A few others spirit has recommended are: Solid Center/Peaceful Heart, for grounding. Ak Mar Sant-Gracious Undertakings for harmony and grace. The Heart of Mary Magdalene essence and the Christ essence, deeply heal the heart and emotions. Sweetness brings sweetness to any experience that feels hard. Joyful Expansion assists in bringing the energies of Joy to these challenging times.

It is recommended to practice mindful awareness when old emotional patterns, thoughts, and scripts come up. This is a practice of noticing without judging. How this works is when I notice the presence of a strong feeling or thought pattern (that usually takes me to a place where I don't feel good), instead of resisting it, I just notice it and saying to myself "how interesting, there is that old thought/feeling/belief etc. This no longer serves me so I can just watch it and let it go". Then let it go! Even if you still have the feelings, don't pay attention to them. They will pass. It is amazing to see how these old feelings, thoughts and scripts don't stay around when I choose to not engage with them.

By noticing and acknowledging it, it no longer has power. We can now choose our next thought, our next experience.


Since returning from Liechtenstein, I asked spirit about further raising the vibration of my body, as I thought this might help my tiredness. I was reminded of the Enlightenment Kit, which was created to support the physical body in making the necessary changes to move into light. This is very important at this time. Our bodies need a great deal of support to make these changes. The Enlightenment Kit essences can greatly serve us.

Raising our vibrations and clearing any density we carry work together. They support one another. As I focus on continuing to raise my vibration I experience more joy even in the midst of this clearing.



We have new essences to introduce since our last newsletter. I have been taking them regularly and they have brought incredible support to me. The experiences I am having with them affirm to me that the timing of each essence made is perfect. Please check them out. They have been a gift to me.

Archangel Michael: Archangel Michael protects and serves through his clear strong presence. He strengthens our spirits. He brings clarity and perspective. He offers guidance and ease in releasing that which we no longer need and no longer serves. He grants miracles. He is a powerful and loving ally, working closely with us on the earth plane. Archangel Michael Essence brings to us the qualities, teachings and gifts of Archangel Michael and supports the manifestation of them in our lives. He is helping me to cut away that which no longer serves. He is clear, strong and detached. He brings me perspective, guidance and ease in releasing. I am sure his presence brings more gifts than I know to mention.

Christ: Christ essence supports experiencing the consciousness, awareness and teachings of Christ. The Christ energy brings healing, compassion, and unconditional love to all.

Quan Yin or Kwan Yin: Quan Yin is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness and mercy. She brings healing, compassion, love, gentle strength. Her energies and love are boundless. Quan Yin Essence brings to those who use it the qualities, teachings, attributes and healing offered by the Goddess Quan Yin. By taking this essence you can experience her gifts, teachings, and healing; and cultivate her qualities through the energies offered. Let her support you and all you love with her limitless love and compassion.

Shamanic/Animal Essences: Since our last newsletter we have added quite a few new animal essences to our listing and will continue to add more animals within the next couple of weeks. Please check our website periodically for these new updates.


Calendar Update: In November I have been invited to teach in Tokyo at Dr. Emoto's office and participate in the Water for Life Festival that he is organizing. I will be offering two workshops. Please contact us for further information.

On November 21, 2004 is an all day workshop on Raising Your Vibration ~ for Thriving in Our Current and Future Times. In this workshop we will learn ways to raise our vibration. I will introduce practical tools and techniques for thriving in today's world of stress and change. We will learn about Angelic Essencesª and their role in raising vibration, practical applications, healing techniques, using sacred geometrics, connecting to Spiritual Helpers and Teachers and more; for experiencing greater satisfaction, peace, joy and love in your life.

On November 23, 2004 I will be offering an evening titled Connecting to your Angels and Spiritual Helpers. This evening will focus on introducing our Angels and Spiritual helpers. We will learn who they are, their roles and gifts and how to develop an ongoing connection with them. We will have an opportunity to meet our personal Angel and learn about essences and methods to help us continue to connect with these helpers.

During this time our office will be open for online orders.

If you are interested in attending either of these workshops in Tokyo, or if you are interested in organizing a workshop in your area contact us at


What's Next?

Spirit says things are due to lighten by December and those not experiencing these energies strongly now will soon. We all will be passing through this, some more consciously than others. What we are doing now is preparation for next year and our next steps.

I am grateful for the powerful, positive difference the essences are making now.

I continue to be grateful for your stories and sharing of experiences with them. For this meets my needs for connection and knowing that I am making a positive contribution to your quality of life. Please continue to send them.

I encourage you to find the essences that speak to you and your current experiences, and to blend them. We offer empty dropper bottles for this. By placing a few drops of each essence into the dropper bottle then filling it with distilled or purified water, you can create your own blend and have your original essence bottle last much longer. This way you can create custom blends for yourselves and others. I love working this way as it is also much easier to have all of my essences in one bottle that I can carry with me, put into my water bottles, bath, spray in my house and car, etc. I have shared many essences with you in this newsletter. There are many others that may assist you during this time. Please check the rest of our web site for a complete listing of essences and for more detailed definitions.

Spirit has spoken about the importance of releasing duality and encourages us to not polarize regarding the impending election. It is a time of strong feelings and valid concerns. Please hold your hearts open during this time. No matter the outcome.

Until we connect again I would like to let you know what an honor it is for me to be traveling through this life and these times with you. I am most grateful.

Blessings to you on your journey! 
Until we connect again,

Ruth Joy for Angelic Essencesª



I hope this finds you all happy and healthy. 
This year has been full! I am finding it hard to believe we are already quickly moving through summer. 
As I sit to write this I do not know where to begin as there is so much going on personally and planetarily. Everyone I know is moving quickly and has a lot happening now. Time seems to be speeding up (the essence Time Peace brings harmony to this). I think we are being given opportunities for rapid growth and healing (keep Solid Center/Peaceful Heart in mind for grounding and centering, and Grace for ease in all situations). I plan on sharing more about what is going on and the essences to use for support in our next newsletter -there are many that are coming to mind as I write this. I can see that our newsletter will evolve as time and inspiration connect. 

Right now I want to share with you the latest essences and offerings at Angelic Essences. I am going to give you a rundown of what is new and I invite you to look at our website for more information. 


We have been very busy here at Angelic Essencesª and have some wonderful new essences to share with you.

The Heart of Mary Magdalene

We are happy to announce the availability of the essence The Heart of Mary Magdalene.

This is a powerful essence filled with the knowledge and vibration of Mary Magdalene encoded within it. When it was made I was told the following:

The Heart of Mary Magdalene~ 
is beyond what we can comprehend at this time. 
It is the Sacred Heart. 
The heart of all hearts. 
The heart beyond our hearts. 
All encompassing. 
All wisdom. 
All knowing. 
All compassion. 
All love.

I originally made this essence 6 years ago and pulled it out to give a friend for her birthday. I was then told to remake it as in the last 6 years new frequencies and new information have become available to be included in this essence. This new essence now has the ability to continue to update itself, carrying the latest information and frequencies and available.

I was told to take this essence for 50 days. I have never been told to take an essence for so long a period. As I took it layers of information were revealed. I began to gain a glimpse into the magnitude of the consciousness and teachings that Mary Magdalene holds. This is an essence that I will personally continue to revisit as it takes me further and deeper each time I work with it. I invite you to join the journey of heightened consciousness, knowledge and love. May it bring many blessings to those that work with it.

Sacred Union

This essence carries the energies of the Sacred Union shared between Christ and Mary Magdalene and the energies present in the sacred unions of Krishna and Rada and others. It marries the male and female within at the highest level of consciousness. This essence supports all unions within and without, bringing them to their highest manifestation. It is a wonderful companion essence to The Heart of Mary Magdalene.

Lemurian Essences

These essences are a delight! I have been working with these for a while and they are some of my favorites.

These essences were made at the Lemurian Sea with the assistance of the Spinner Dolphins and beings of the highest light. I think the Lemurian Sea sums it up well.

Chi Mu - the Lemurian sea speaking: Lemuria lives in the hearts and minds of those who were there. Though her land lies within my embrace, my belly; her memories, her energy lives on. These essences are some of the most powerful and basic elements of her energies. The consciousness was high. Hearts and minds were open. Love, cooperation and deep, caring for one another were hallmarks of this time. Though her land mass is below my waters. Her energies, her memory and the unending support they can bring are still available to you now in these essences. Many of these essences come from the energies and intent of those who worked in the temples of the highest order. They come from the practices of those there - for these were the gatekeepers, the energy holders. These beings held the highest light and manifestation of Lemuria. It is with love they come to you now.

The response to these essences has been wonderful. One of our customers has wrote:

I am so excited about sharing my experience with Wholeness, the Lemurian Essence, because I feel that others can be blessed with well-being as I have been. I take Freedom from Fear or other essences for specific issues or situations and later on I take Wholeness and it acts as a catalyst to synergize the other essences into a picture of total well-being mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The specific issues seem to fade and then when any new stress appears, all I need is the balancing out with Wholeness and I feel the sense of total well-being once again.
Nancy Burk, Flower Essence Practitioner (User of essences for 14 years)

There is much more to these essences than I can do justice here. Please look at their entry on our web site. Here you will find further information. I highly recommend them!

Love and Thanks to Water

You will notice that we have a new section on our web site dedicated to Love and Thanks to Water and Dr. Masaru Emoto's work. It is important and powerful information he is bringing to us now and I highly recommend checking out this section and his books.


Dr. Emoto has asked me to join him at his new offices in Liechtenstein this July and to assist him in his seminar and ceremony there. I am excited and happy to join him, his lovely wife Kazuko, and his Secretary-General, Yasuyuki Nemoto. Last July they invited me to join them at the Sea of Galilee in Israel, where I made the essence Love and Thanks to Water. I also had the opportunity to travel with them in April when they were in Arizona. I enjoyed deepening our friendship and witnessing the birth of the events to occur in Liechtenstein. I am looking forward to traveling with them again, participating in the healing of our planets water, and making more essences. Please look at our schedule section to see how you can join in the ceremony. 
For further information on Dr. Emoto's work visit 
Please check back with us in August for a report and update about this trip.